Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy month

It has been a busy month! Kyri's baptism went well with me being only the LAST person to arrive at the chapel due to trying to get 3 other little girls' hair done and trying to drag a sleepy 2 yr old along. But I knew they wouldn't start without me, right? But Kyri really enjoyed all the attention and has tried super hard not to drive me crazy with her attitude since. (we have "issues" at times)
Our newest project: a greenhouse! We are getting a hoophouse version with our tax return. Think a tall, see-through tunnel that is supposed to get hot yet keep the bugs out. But not the weeds. Why is that? How do weeds slip in but not bugs? Must be something in their evil design. But now I get to battle them year round. Joy.
I finished another painting and have an offer to sell prints of it on an LDS website. I just don't know if I am ready for that. It would cost a lot to make said prints and what if no one buys them? I am such a wimp.
Finished my dragon head--it looks scary enough that my 2 yr old won't touch it. That tells me I did my job.
This month is full of chicks hatching, chicks being sent and prepping for turkeys next month. Sounds fun!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring is a' Comin!

I have the most sure fire way of knowing spring is about to begin. And its is better than that silly groundhog shadow thing. Want to know my secret? Itchy feet. Not literally (I don't have a fungus or anything) but the symbolic kind. As everyone knows, I love new projects. I love planning them, thinking of ways to finish them and ways to convince Doug to let me start them. And this time of year, that excitement grows dramatically. My body has a built in timer that lets it know that winter is almost done and "PING!" spring will arrive any second so I have to be prepared for all the new projects to be done outside. I start sleeping less and daydreaming more. I begin to make sketches of my new ideas like the treehouse I want to build for the girls this summer or the new turkey coop I need to design. I start making random stops to Home Depot to check out prices. And Doug starts getting nervous. Crazy? Ya. But it makes February bearable as I watch spring slowly wake up outside. It is a' comin.. my feet are itching terribly this week.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All this for a Plastic Medal?!

You know, parents can be crazy when it comes to their kids. I am a parent so I understand this from a unique perspective. I am in charge (under protest) of a art program at my daughter's school called Inspirations. Basically, it is a contest once a year where kids send in their "theme" photos, art, film ,etc and I find judges to pick the winners who get a little medal/trophy. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is until parent's egos get involved. Than, the cheating begins. Or the accusation of cheating. Yelling matches insue and screams of "no fair!!!" fill the air. And that is from the adults. The kids? They are delighted with the chance to enter and the party afterwards that all the kids get to go too. Ya--the trophy part is neat, but not worth screaming over..that is unless their mother convinces them it is. Why do we create competition and future hurt when there is none? My daughter had a blast painting her picture and I need to remember THAT is the most important part of the contest. The rest is not worth screaming over. And that trophy would would just be one more thing to dust.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What will the new year bring?

And another year starts. Time does move faster as we get older, doesn't it? 2010 was a busy, unique year; the economy kinda decided to wake up but looks to be sliding back into that drunken stupor of 2009, the government made a lot of outward changes yet really didn't change anything that mattered, and Mother Nature got a bit grumpy at us with weather and earthquakes. What will 2011 brings us? Hopefully, more in the peace and calm department! Personally, I just hope 2011 brings less hospital visits, less raccoons/skunks, and less general chaos. But I probably just jinxed myself. Where's some wood to knock on...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dentists....Bill Cosby had it right

Went to the dentist today. And I have a question. Why do dentists insist on having a conversation with you while their hand is stuffed in your mouth?! Am I supposed to answer back? Because the whole awkwardness of the situation only grows with this one sided conversation going on. Does the man really care how my kids are doing in school at that moment? Cause I would prefer if the man would shush up and just concentrate on what he is doing with that rather sharp instrument he is jabbing my teeth with. Jeez. But, all went well and I got my bi-yearly lecture on how " Flossing is important and I should be a good example for my kids". I always try real hard not too laugh at how life threatening they make it all sound. No cavities so I don't know why I got the lecture in the first place anyhow. Oh well. I got 6 months free of awkward-dentist-conversations to look forward too!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And I 'm BACK!!!

Wow, people actually read this thing?! I had several unnamed people track me down this holiday season and demanded to know why the heck I never write on this blog anymore. I was just shocked anybody actually followed it! (Which was why I stopped in the first place. I assumed no one was reading this and figured I could just talk to myself at home and accomplish the same end) Sorry folks--I appreciate that anyone WANTS to listen to my ramblings and "adventures".

Today's adventure: new pet. Ya know, I am a sucker for pets. Petsmart has a poster of me hidden in their drawer that alerts them when I walk in that "Yes! This woman will buy anything pet oriented you put in front of her!" I actually have a monthly budget for pets. Not kidding. Anyway, Kyri randomly asked today in the car if she could have a hermit crab someday. "Sure!" I said, "-lets go get one right now! " And TADA! we now have three of the ugly little things crawling around. (Petsmart saw me coming) The girls are tickled, I am unsure at my hastiness and Doug doesn't know yet. Maybe I just won't tell him. But I doubt the girls can keep mum about it; they have yet to keep any of my...um..projects secret.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Ya wanna a chick with that...(hiccup)"

Chicks, chicks everywhere. You know, I should be part of some group for addiction to buying animals. Maybe AA...Animals Anyomonous. Back in Januray, I talked Doug into agreeing to redo our chickens. Selling the old and getting new ones...better ones. I researched lots of breeds and found just what I wanted---all of the ones I looked at. So, I ordered a little here a little there and POOF! I ended up with too many. Twice this week, I have had 6 am phone calls from grumpy postal workers (never a good thing) who want me to pick a box of ear-piercing cheeping chicks RIGHT NOW. 15 minutes later, I am home, with the box open looking down at over 75 little fur balls and thinking "Oh boy, I'm in trouble". Twice. No--I do not have 150 chicks now because most I sold to others. I only have 40. That sounds much better than 150..right? (This is the tactic I tried with Doug. Didn't work). 40 is a lot. They sounded a lot less on paper. My computer room turned brooder for baby chicks smells and keeps us up at night with the noise. I am constantly checking chicks for bum problems (we won't go into detail here..just trust me), refilling feed containers and making sure Adreana is not throttling one of the little buggers. One week to go until they are all out in the shed until it's warm. Unfortunately, I have 25 more coming Monday. Yikes. Maybe I should just turn myself in to rehab or something.